About Us

Opened in December 2017, our vision for Little Hooligans Soft Play Centre was to be clean, modern and innovative. Following those principles has enabled us to become top-rated within the West Midlands.

We are commended regularly by our customers and those who visit us to be the cleanest, friendliest and coolest soft play centre around.

Who We are
What We do

Little Hooligans Soft Play Centre is a family run business that have taken great pride in bringing the very best soft play facilities to Walsall.

Our amazing play centre is suitable for ages 0 – 12 years and was designed to keep your children entertained and active for hours. As well as a number of activitieswe’ve worked hard to create a space that is clean, safe and fun.

We also have a separate baby and toddler area that includes its own miniature play frame and ball pit – providing a safe and stimulated play environment for our smallest of customers. Included in this area is a sensory room!

We take great pride in providing excellent customer service. All of our staff are locally based and know the needs of the local community and families. So why not come to Little Hooligans to party, play and eat with us!

How to find us

Our soft play centre is conveniently located in Walsall Town Centre, with good links to bus and train travel (we’re just just five minutes’ walk from Walsall rail station). The St Matthews Quarter was redeveloped in 2017 and it now includes some big named shops including; Primark, The Entertainer and B&M 

We were one of the first businesses to open in St Matthews Quarter and we’re incredibly proud of our links to the town of Walsall.

If you’re coming in on foot, you will be able to spot the Little Hooligans branding from a distance away. Please note that our main entrance is on Lower Hall Lane.

Feeling Peckish?

At Little Hooligans we’ve put together a great menu that will cater for all – even the grown ups!.

We’ve prepared a number of meals for adults and kids as well as options for breakfast, desserts and drinks. Our food is freshly prepared and cooked to order in our kitchen that has received 5 star rating for food safety and hygiene.

If you want to see what’s on offer, head on over to our food and drinks page to see what you can order here today.


We take cleanliness very seriously at Little Hooligans and it’s one of our defining features as a soft play centre.

As a business, we have been renown amongst our customer base for having very high standards for cleanliness and this has been achieved through years of time and effort in this respect. We regularly pay for external contracted cleaning businesses to clean our entire facility so that other customers and their children can enjoy themselves in a safe and clean environment.

More recently, we have implemented clear and visible hand sanitising stations throughout our facility so that we can clean keep ourselves clear of unwanted germs and reduce the number of microbes on hands. Our kitchen has also received a 5-star rating for food safety and hygiene from Walsall Council – highlighting that we take cleanliness seriously throughout the centre.

COVID Safety

With the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, our staff at Little Hooligans to implement of a series of measures to keep our customers and staff safe.

One of our major changes are the introduction of our new antibacterial reusable grip socks. These special socks have developed to help prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria within the fabric. They have also been finished with an antibacterial treatment within the fibre and have a grip gel for extra support and comfort. For yours and others’ safety, these socks have to be purchased online or at point of entry for anyone using the play area. If you do not use our socks, unfortunately entry will be refused on the grounds of safety.

Furthermore, there have been a number of internal changes to keep customers and staff safe. We have a checklist with health and safety instructions displayed before being allowed to enter, a new barrier has installed where we will ask you to wait and then you will be checked in by a staff member with your pre-booked ticket. We are implementing reduced entry numbers with allocated timed slots and a designated table for each family. We’ve also taken the extra step by having non-contact thermal imaging temperature checks to ensure that nobody attended is too unwell to participate.


01. Where is the nearest parking?

The nearest car park is: Pay and Display on Mountrath street, Saddler Centre Carpark or Jerome retail car park. This parking is not endorsed or monitored by Little Hooligans, so please follow guidelines provided by the relevant parking authorities.

02. What ages do you cater for at the centre?

Little Hooligans soft play centre is suitable for ages 0 to 12 inclusive.

03. Do you have disabled facilities?

Yes, we have a wheelchair friendly toilet. In addition, access into the building we have a lift and can be accessed without steps. Please note - the play equipment has limited availability to disabled children depending upon the disability. Please ring for more details.

04. Am I allowed to take photos or videos at the centre?

We understand how people like to capture special moments, so we do allow you to use this equipment. However, we request that photos and/or videos are kept strictly to those of your own children.

05. What should my child wear to use the play equipment?

Socks are compulsory in order to maintain our high levels of hygiene and protect children’s feet. We sell our own socks which are non-slip and antibacterial – which must be purchased and worn. Additionally, children must wear long sleeved tops and trousers to use the slide. Shoes are not permitted while playing on the play frame.

06. Why do I need socks?

One of our major changes are the introduction of our new antibacterial reusable grip socks. These special socks have developed to help prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria within the fabric. They have also been finished with an antibacterial treatment within the fibre and have a grip gel for extra support and comfort. For yours and others’ safety, these socks have to be purchased online or at point of entry for anyone using the play area. They keep us clean, and you clean!

07. I don’t have any cash. Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can. There is no minimum transaction.

08. Why do I have to pay for adults?

Two adults can go free with every child entry. Any additional adults are charged at £1. This allows us to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all customers. Adults are encouraged to use the facilities whilst supervising their children.

09. Can I leave my children while I pop out?

You are not permitted to leave your children unattended. Adults are responsible for their children at all times.

10. Do you cater for allergies?

Yes! We understand the huge importance of being allergy aware. We are more than happy to help you, just let a member of staff know if you require assistance.

11. Do you have a baby changing area?

Yes, we have the appropriate facilities in both the Male and Female toilets.

12. Do you have a special area for my baby/toddler to play in?

Yes, we have a specially designed Baby & Toddler area. We sensory play sessions for the little ones weekdays from 9.30 - 11.30! Please note - this area is strictly for babies and toddlers only. Your baby/toddler cannot be supervised by a child and must be supervised by an adult at all times.

13. Do you have staff to look after my child?

No, your children’s safety and behaviour remain the responsibility of the accompanying parent or guardian at all times. Our staff are present to ensure that the equipment is used correctly at all times.

14. Can adults use the play facilities?

Although it may look great fun for you too, adults are not allowed to play.

15. Can adults go on the trampoline to supervise?

We welcome parents to supervise their child, but to Kindly refrain from using the trampoline.

16. Can we bring our own picnic or takeaway food with us?

Food and drink, as is the case with all cafes/restaurants, cannot be brought into the centre. We do not allow outside food or drinks at Little Hooligans. There are signs at reception, on entry and in the Play Centre stating that is not allowed. If you decide to openly disregard this rule we will ask you to put your food back into your car, remove it from our table or to dispose of it.

17. How old must an adult be to supervise their child?

Adults must be aged 16 or over to supervise.

18. What about abuse?

We take abuse very seriously. We will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical to children, other customers or staff. Abusers will be removed, banned from Little Hooligans and may be reported to the Police.

19. Can children wear shoes on the play equipment?

No, shoes must be removed before children enter the play area.

20. Can food or drink be taken into the play area?

No food, drink, or chewing gum is allowed in the play area.

21. What should I do if my child has been sick?

Tell a member of staff and remove your child from the centre as soon as possible.

22. What do I do if my child has an accident?

Report it to a member of staff as we will need to record it.

23. Do you have Rules of Play?

Yes, parents must read the Rules of Play at reception before their children can play. Parents must ensure their children play in a friendly manner. Children found to be upsetting other children will be asked to leave the play equipment.

24. Can we arrive early to decorate the party rooms?

Unfortunately no, our party rooms are in constant use throughout the day and have a very limited time. However do speak to your party host on arrival.

25. Can my party guests arrive early?

We recommend to allow the party family to settle in first and then ask the guests to arrive at least 5 minutes before the preferred starting time.

26. I don't have a party room booked. Can I bring a birthday cake and celebrate at our table on the main floor?

No, as we have separate party rooms specifically for parties. There are also health & safety reasons (including allergies and risks around naked flames) that mean we do not accommodate celebrations at the main seating area.